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Shop in LA

It is in Santa Anita Mall

We are now Hiring

 Now hiring @ Japan Village Walk in Ala moana shopping center.

New Open @Shirokiya

 We opened new shop in Ala moana shopping center on Jun 25th 2016!!

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Marion Crepes has re-imagined French‒style crepes into Japanese-style crepes around 40 year ago.

Marion Crepes has lovingly evolved over three generations from grandmother, to mother to daughter…

Marion Crepes started their crepe revolution in 1976 as one of the only crepe shops in Harajuku.


We are the original Japanese-style crepe and have become the most famous crepe shop in Japan with over 80 locations nationwide serving our delicious delicacies.


Marion Crepes is filled with yummy ingredients like Chantilly cream, chocolate and ice cream. Japanese youth love to walk around Harajuku with a crepe in hand while shopping.


Why people love Marion Crepes

Marion Crepes uses carefully selected highest quality ingredients offering a wide assortment of crepe delicacies. Marion Crepe serves up fresh and crispy crepe, hot off the griddle, ready to be filled with your heart’s desire of delicious ingredients to satisfy your ‘sweet tooth’, or, desire for a more healthy filling treat. 

Secret Original Dough

Exquisite Flavour

Heartfelt, Freshly Made Crepes

Wide Selection of Fillings

Marion’s crepe is an unforgettable experience in tastes and textures that are deliciously soft yet warm and crispy. No other crepe shop can recreate this original taste with our more than 10 blending of secret ingredients.

The secret recipe includes some French spices which add special flavours to its crepes. Customers enjoy and savour these subtle tastes in our crepe, it’s like a fine wine tasting experience.

Marion’s skillful crepe preparation is artistic. Crepe makers combine finesse and timing to serve the best crepe to their customers. Come enjoy the art of our crepe creations.

Marion gives customers complete freedom to select ingredients to create their desired unique treat. Our array of ingredients amount to 70 plus filling combos and we regularly introduce more enticing specialty fillings to keep our customers coming back time and time again.


New Open 

Marion Crepes Hawaii
Coming May, 2017

Waikiki Shopping Plaza 




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